Evelyn Pyun   

Evelyn was a "glass half-full" kind of a girl.  She was, in no particular order, a diligent student, a caring friend, a loyal sister, a loving daughter, and the most wonderful person I ever knew.  Despite the trials and tribulations of her life, her steadfast determination always kept her afloat.  Since we're on the subject of being afloat, I though I'd mention she sometimes spoke of dropping that silly college thing and becoming a fisherman.

Fisherperson, to be "PC".  Of course, she only said this sort of thing in frustration after those damn organic chemistry tests.  Secretly, I knew that she had what it took to do absolutely anything she wanted. 

Things were not always easy for my sweetie.  In fact, considering the obstacles she overcame, I think it only appropriate that the world know she was my personal hero.

In each other we found solace from the hectic world without.  For me, and for countless others, she provided the joy, light, and warmth that make life worth living.

Sean deVries, January 2000

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