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(If you enter a form of a word other than the lemmatized form, Perseus will ask if you wish the word to be parsed.)

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  • This provides entries for Latin words from Lewis & Short's Latin Dictionary.
  • E.g searching for dic at the start of a word retrieves dico, dictum, dictator, etc.

[Greek option]

  • This provides entries for Greek words from Liddell, Scott, and Jones' Greek-English Lexicon.
  • Enter the Greek word transliterated into the Roman alphabet [see this page for details of the transliteration system].
  • E.g. searching for fer at the start of a word retrieves φέρβω, φέρω, φέριστος (pherbo, pheristos, phero), etc.
  • Note: This search ignores accents, but does require breathings.

Morphological analysis of inflected Latin [Greek] words

Parse inflected Latin [Greek] words to determine their form, and offer links to their dictionary definitions:


Dictionary search: English to Latin [Greek]

Type in an English word to find the Latin [Greek] dictionary definitions that contain it.

for: in English definitions (i.e. italicized words in the dictionary). Position of text: word. Search dictionary.

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