Hi my name is Carolyn Owens and this is my home page..here you will find a collection of pictures of me and pictures of some of my on-line friends. I hope you will enjoy visiting here and will come back again
I am single, 5'4" tall, 79-66-88, hair color is a dark honey blond (but dyed dark brown at the moment), big blue eyes, blushes very easily, is very shy.
I Live in lower Central California, and works at a day care center. I don't smoke and I rarely drink.
I am happy at the size I am and hope to find someone will will appreciate it as well...
I believe in UFO's and Ghosts and premonition and that the eyes are the windows to your soul..
I also believe that dreams can come true.
Some things about me: I love to write short stories and poeems which I will share some of these on another page. I mostly write fantasy/horror but have written som fat erotica fiction and have had two stories published in Dimensions Magazine.
I've taken some College courses in creative writing and Journalism, Psychology and Socialogy.
I was selected to compete in a national Journalism contest at Moorpark College in Califorina..I came in third place for my division, which was Feature reporting.
I worked as a Feature/Human Interest reporter for a local newspaper.
I became interest in writing when I was nine years old but only got serious when I was twelve when my English teacher forced me to enter the American Legion Essay Contest..Which I won first place for the Ventura tri-county area.
Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite author and my favorite writing of his are the poem "A Dream Within A Dream" and favorite story is "The Oval Portrait".
Also I like Stephen King, John Saul, Clive Barker and Ray Bradbury..Also I could read Robert Blocks shories forever..can't get enough of his stuff..
Movie faves are..."Cyrano de Bergerac" with Jose Ferrer and "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee and "The Stand" by King.. "Somewhere in Time" with Chrisopher Reeves and :Harold and Maude" with Bud Cort and "Georgy Girl" with Lynn Redgrave and "Strange Brew" with Dave Thomas and "Summer of 42" and "Grease" with John Travila and old "Gidget" movies...
Favorite male actors are Jack Nicholson, Dennis Quaid Nicholas Cage, Christan Slater, Bruce Willis, Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Pitt.
Female actors are..Sandra Bullock, Whoopi Goldberg, Meg Ryan, Rosie O'Donneil, Ellen Barkin, Cher and Bette Davis.
Favorite TV shows are 3rd Rock for the Sun and South Park, Also old reruns of SNL and SCTV.
Fave music includes Rock, Heavy Metal, some Country, Some Show tunes, and some Blues and a little Jazz. Prefer late 80' and early 90's rock..Groups include Cheap Trick, Meatloaf, Slaughter, Cinderella, Aerosmith, Queen, Poison and Alice Cooper.
Thinga I like...Walking in the rain, Ice cold lemonade on a hot day, the colors pink and blue and I also love the color combination of white and black together.
I love the smell of fresh cut grass and fresh baked bread, A good laugh, A good cry, candle light, listening to music in the dark, the beach at night, back rubs and all ove massages, sweet nothings whispered in my ear, my neck kissed, being held in the middle of the night, holding hands and kissing.