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A series of help pages for Macintosh computer users!

A Macintosh Computer has very few problems but there are times when you might like someone to contact or someone to make a consultation visit to your home or office for help in troubleshooting computer, internet connection, or network problems.

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If you live in the twin cities area of St. Paul and Minneapolis (I live in West St. Paul) and you want individual help with your Macintosh Computer, send an email message and I will respond with other ways to contact me for a consultation and/or consultation visit to your home, office, or school.


I have experience with Macintosh hardware:
Hard Drive Formatting/Partitioning/Installation/Upgrading (SCSI and ATA/IDE)
Floppy Drive installation (I have some replacement drives if yours has failed>
RAM installation (I can make recommendations on purchase and I can install this for you)
Modem installation and replacement (including DSL services)
Replacement of some older Mac computer parts from a limited personal supply of items
Auxillary card installation (G3 upgrades in older Macs, Ethernet cards, Video cards - where possible in older Macs)

I have experience with Macintosh software:
System upgrades, configuration and troubleshooting
Word processing, spreadsheet, database, etc. software
Getting connected to the internet and software used for such
Choosing an Internet Service Provider
Network establishment, upgrades, configuration and troubleshooting (do you want to share files with other computers in your home or office)
Gaming over a network or with someone not at your location
Web site building and maintenance, server communication
Some programming experience in PERL and JavaScript

If you search the Mac Ideas Web Site and do not find answers to your Mac problems, please send an email message and I will respond. If you are in the STP/MPLS twin cities area, we can also arrange a troubleshooting/consultation visit to your home or office.

Rates are reasonable - contact me for rates for a consultation at your home or office.


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